Kori Linae Carothers

Musings of a Pianist

Sneak Preview Review by Bill Binkelman

I think I am pretty fortunate to have an excellent review of my forthcoming album ‘Fire in the Rainstorm’ !!  

You can read it below, or read the original article is here:


Kori L Carothers let me hear a sneak peek of her upcoming album (due in September) titled ‘Fire in the Rainstorm.’ Here are some brief comments about it:

Kori L Carothers ditched her electronic keyboards (which she wielded so well on previous releases such as ‘Trilium’ and ‘The Road Less Traveled’) and sat down at her piano sans all other accompaniment to record ‘Fire in the Rainstorm,’ an album that shines a whole new light on her composing and performing talents. Recorded at Imaginary Roads under the watchful gaze of Will Ackerman, ‘Fire in the Rainstorm’ is filled with warm piano melodies - somber and melancholic, gently romantic, wistful and reflective, or dramatic and emotionally powerful - always played with rare sensitivity and obvious depth of sincerity and true conviction. Carothers was supposedly concerned about how these unadorned piano instrumentals would be received by fans of her earlier works, but unless those folks don’t appreciate great music, wonderful playing, and a tapestry of evocations spread across twelve tracks, I have to believe they will be thoroughly delighted with this album. ‘Fire in the Rainstorm’ showcases Carothers’ artisan’s technique and her poet’s soul equally and is bound to swell the ranks of her fans considerably.